After a 9am breakfast at the Drucker Institute, Future Workplace and Drucker Institute senior staff will lead a high-velocity workshop that explores five mega trends—demographics, usage of social technologies, globalization, mobility and personalization—and that distills Peter Drucker’s core principles and practices of innovation. The aim is threefold:

  1. To give the talent, learning and HR leaders in the room a set of tools to sharpen their own ability to be innovative and make their teams more innovative within the context of their own functions;
  2. To help these executives begin quickly converting these principles into action;
  3. To let these leaders test-drive the Drucker content so that they can consider bringing it back to their organizations as a broadly applicable training program.

After lunch in Claremont, Drucker Institute staff will serve as guides on a field trip to one of the many Los Angeles-area companies to which the Institute has a connection for a free-flowing conversation on how that particular organization manages innovation.


After an 8:30am breakfast, the Drucker Institute’s managing director will lead a custom collaborative workshop based on the Institute’s high-impact Drucker Institute Forums. Each leader will emerge with an individual plan and commitments for quickly putting key insights about innovation to work.

Indeed, the driving challenge for the day will be the same one that Peter Drucker used to issue to his consulting clients: “Don’t tell me you had a wonderful meeting with me. Tell me what you’re going to do on Monday that’s different.”

The Boot Camp will conclude at 11:45am, in time for flights departing from Ontario (1:15pm or later) or LAX (2pm or later). Boxed lunches will be available.